Student Executive





Anna Dlott is a Senior from Reston, Virginia majoring in Spanish, minoring in Chemistry as well
as Global Studies, and is on the Pre-Pharmacy track. Judaism has always played an important
role in Anna’s life and she was immediately drawn to Hillel. Anna got involved her Freshman
year in the First Year Students of Hillel (FYSH) subgroup and later joined the board of the
Reform Jews of Hillel subgroup. As a sophomore, Anna had the privilege to serve as the Director
of the Reform Jews of Hillel on the assembly. Last year she had the honor of serving as the Vice
President of Engagement, aiming to build a more inclusive and welcoming environment within
Hillel at Binghamton’s community. Anna is ecstatic for what this coming year will bring and is
excited to work with the newly appointed student leadership! When she is not in the Hillel
office, Anna can be found on the soccer field, playing for the Women’s Club soccer team,
hanging out with her AEPhi sisters, and conducting research at Binghamton’s pharmacy school.



Executive Vice President

Maddy Gold is a junior in the School of Management studying Marketing and Leadership & Consulting and minoring in Judaic Studies. Besides being the EVP, Maddy also serves as Hillel at Binghamton Development Intern and is a sister of Sigma Alpha Epsilon Pi. She can always be found hanging out around the Hillel office with her friends  as Hillel has allowed her to meet her best friends! 



Vice President of Engagement

Hi! My name is Bryant and I am a sophomore from Warwick, NY majoring in History with a minor in Spanish. Last year, I served as a co-chair for Hillel formal and I was a weekly participant in the First Year Students of Hillel program. Judaism has always played a huge role in my life, as some of my biggest passions include USY, Ramah in the Berkshires, and of course, Hillel at Binghamton. On campus, I am a part of the Ultimate Frisbee club, a brother of the Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity, and future founding member of the Nowl Fan Club (pending SA approval). I love talking about Hillel and Binghamton and would be more than happy to meet you and answer any questions. I’m so excited for an amazing year!



Vice President of Pluralism

My name is Seth and I am a junior Electrical Engineer. I have three dogs named Buddy, Bella and Motek. I love working on different projects, whether it is programming or working on electronics I love the challenge and trying to think in a way that is different. This is also where my love of riddles comes from as well. I love a great kabbalat shabbat and have had my favorite experiences of kabb shab in the rocky mountains and at ramah nyack.



Vice President of Finance

Jake Abrams is a senior majoring in marketing in the School of Management. Fresh out of Long Island, NY, he started his Hillel career by participating in FYSH (First Year Students of Hillel) before moving on to serve as the Treasurer of Challah for Hunger, one of Hillel’s subgroups this past year. This is Jake’s second year in a row serving as the Vice President of Finance, his junior year being his first. Jake is eager to continue his journey as the Vice President of Finance this year, and looks forward to working with his fellow board and assembly members, along with meeting new members! When he’s not in the Hillel office, Jake can be found driving around town in a big blue bus, serving on a student conduct hearing, or even (possibly, not probably) going to class!



Vice President of Public Relations

Allison is a senior from Long Island majoring in English Rhetoric. During her time in Hillel, Allison has served on assembly as the Shoah Awareness director as well as the PR Chairs for both Challah for Hunger and RJH. When she’s not posting on the Hillel Instagram or Facebook, you can often find her in a marketplace booth making memes or watching Love Island UK. Allison is so excited to work with everyone in the Hillel at Binghamton community and share how incredible this community is all over social media.



Vice President of Programming

Rebecca Slavsky is a junior from Long Island, NY majoring in Philosophy, Politics, and Law
and minoring in Health and Wellness Studies. Rebecca has been involved with Hillel since her
freshman year where she served as the Public Relations Chair for Bearcats for Israel! Last year
she had the privilege to serve as the Vice President of Bearcats for Israel as well as one of the tri-
chairs for Yom Ha’atzmaut. Hillel has played a huge role in Rebecca’s college experience and
she hopes to use those experiences to create unique programs this coming year! When she is not
planning events, Rebecca can be seen tap dancing with Binghamton’s tap group Tap That, lifting
weights at the gym, or rhinestoning dance costumes.