Jewish Holidays for the 2020-2021 School Year

*Please note that due to COVID-19 restrictions our Holiday schedule may change. For the most up to date information please see our High Holiday 2020 page or our Hillel Calendar.

Rosh HaShanah (Evening of September 18, 2020 to Sundown on September 20, 2020)

Binghamton University is closed for Rosh HaShanah and the vast majority of students travel to their home communities to be with their families for Rosh HaShanah. Nevertheless, Hillel at Binghamton is committed to making sure that every student who remains in Binghamton has a wonderful home and community with whom they can celebrate the holiday no matter what their denominational affiliation. We will make sure that each student who desires is set up with a place to both have all holiday meals and a synagogue to attend. Binghamton is home to Temple Concord (Reform), Temple Israel (Conservative), and Beth David Synagogue (Orthodox) and we have a very strong working relationship with the leadership at all three synagogues, especially when it comes to providing Holiday resources for students.

Yom Kippur (Evening of September 27, 2020 to Sundown on September 28, 2020)

Hillel at Binghamton aims to provide a thoroughly fulfilling and meaningful Yom Kippur for students of all Jewish backgrounds and denominations. Hillel offers both Reform and Conservative services which are led by students under the guidance and supervision of the Hillel Rabbi. Throughout the day there are numerous opportunities for students to take part in the services, to sit and contemplate with the books and literature provided, and to join discussion and learning sessions. At the end of the holiday, we jointly sponsor a communal breakfast with Chabad of Binghamton.

Sukkot (Evening of October 2, 2020 - October 9, 2020)

Hillel at Binghamton sponsors the campus Sukkah which is erected in the Chenango-Champlain Collegiate Center Patio right outside the Kosher Kitchen. Hillel provides a Lulav and Etrog in the sukkah for all members of the community to use and fulfill the mitzvah of Lulav and Etrog. Throughout the holiday Hillel hosts numerous activities and programs in the Sukkah ranging from "Smores in the Sukkah" to "Sukkah Survivor-Sleeping Out So Others Can Sleep In".
KOACH (the Conservative movement on campus) sponsors all holiday meals and services on Shabbat for all students, making sure that everyone has a sukkah to dwell in and a community to eat with.

Simchat Torah (Evening of October 10, 2020)

Simchat Torah is one of the special times during the year when the entire Jewish community comes together for a legendary night of dancing, singing, and celebration. The evening of Simchat Torah draws hundreds of students out for spirited dancing and Jewish excitement as we celebrate the Torah and all that it stands for. 

Chanukah (Evening of December 10, 2020 - December 18, 2020)

Although Chanukah often falls during finals or even over winter break, Hillel at Binghamton makes sure that every student, in each and every community on the BU campus and off campus, is able to light the lights of Chanukah with a community. As the Chanukah holiday approaches, we provide the opportunity for students to build their own chanukiyot (menorahs) and help them feel comfortable with the rituals of lighting them so that they can each help their communities in celebrating the holiday of lights.

Purim (Evening of February 26, 2020)

Purim at Binghamton is something you just don't want to miss. Beginning a week before the holiday there are numerous events to get people in the mood of the holiday ranging from mask and grogger making to the famous Hamentaschen-Latke debate between some of the universities most beloved professors and administrators. Purim itself is celebrated with a full megillah reading accompanied by an illustrating slideshow so that no one is left out of appreciating the story. This is followed by the annual "Giant Mishloach Manot" sponsored by the parent association, and participation in the Purim Carnival featuring rides and carnival attractions for all. The following day Hillel sponsors readings of the megillah and a full afternoon meal to celebrate the holiday to its fullest.



Binghamton University always has spring break over the first two days of Passover each year, but if there are students who opt to stay in Binghamton Hillel at Binghamton makes sure that everybody has a warm seat for seder. For the rest of the holiday Hillel at Binghamton helps to facilitate kosher for Passover meals and snacks through the Kosher Korner so that everybody's needs are met throughout the duration of the holiday.

If you have any other questions about holiday observance with Hillel at Binghamton please feel free to contact the Hillel office at 607-777-3424 or