FreshFest 2022

Thank you so much for your interest in FreshFest with Hillel at Binghamton! We appreciate your patience as we prepare for our incoming first year class in August! The University has decided to change their new student orientation program for this upcoming August and as such we are also adjusting our programming.
















The University is going to be holding MANDATORY orientation programs for all incoming first year and transfers students beginning August 18th. As such, Hillel will be pivoting our FreshFest programming to accommodate the new orientation program mandated by the University. 

In the coming weeks all new students will receive an email from the office of New Student Programs. In this email they will be given the option to select when they would like to move into their dorm and which date they would like to attend orientation. We are suggesting all our new Jewish students opt to move in on Thursday August 18th. Your student will move in between 9am and 12pm on the 18th and will have University orientation programming from 1:00pm on Thursday the 18th till 12:00pm (noon) on Friday the 19th.
Hillel will be offering programming throughout the week and weekend for all new students arriving and will be available to all students. We will be positing a finalized schedule of Hillel FreshFest events mid July. Our students will be able to move in, attend orientation, and then attend the Hillel sponsored events for the remainder of the week/weekend. Some events will have a maximum number of attendees, and so we encourage them to sign up early to reserve their spot. 

We will be offering a variety of social, cultural, and religious programming, including but not limited to bowling, Shabbat dinner and services, pick up sports, a nature preserve hike, and more. 
Please check back here to find the most up to date information, schedule, and registration links. Additionally you will be able to find all our events on the University's centralized welcome week page B-Welcome!

If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know!