Hillel at Binghamton provides countless opportunities for students to learn and implement leadership skills.  Whether students want to serve on the executive board, be a director of a committee, chair a specific program or have an internship through Hillel, you can take an idea and execute it from start to finish.  Hillel hosts on-campus seminars and retreats, helps students find jobs and internships, and sends students to national and international leadership training conferences.

The college experience is about more than just receiving a degree.  It is a time to learn and use skills and tools that will last well beyond the college years.

Whether it is the through the Hillel Internships, the Student Board, the Assembly, or working with a Hillel staff member to create your own experience, Hillel at Binghamton is a place to be or become a leader.

Executive Board

Executive Board is the main coordinating body of Hillel at Binghamton's leadership structure.  The Board meets weekly. The Executive Board develops and implements a unified vision for Hillel's programming initiatives and serves to connect the Student Association and the Hillel Community.

For more information on other leadership opportunities, email us at hillel@binghamton.edu.


Elected Positions on the Executive Board:

  • President 

  • Vice President

  • Vice President of Finance

  • Vice President of Public Relations

To be eligible for President, you must be a current Executive Board member or the head of a Hillel subgroup or committee. 

To be eligible for a Vice President position, you must be a current member of the Executive Board or a Hillel Leadership Team


Appointed Directorships on the Executive Board:

  • Vice President of Pluralism Council

  • Vice President of Programming Council

  • Vice President of Development Council

To be eligible for a directorship position, you must be a member of the current Executive Board or the head, president, or chair of a Hillel sub-group or committee.