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HILLEL: the Foundation for Jewish Campus Life

Hillel was first founded in 1923 at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.  Hillel's goal has been to provide college students with the means to connect with the Jewish culture, traditions and values. Today, we are delighted to be largest Jewish campus organization in the world. Hillel gives students the opportunity to explore and celebrate their Jewish identity at over 500 campuses worldwide, and we're constantly striving to further extend our reach.

HISTORY: Hillel at Binghamton

Hillel at Binghamton began in 2001, but there was a significant Jewish presence on campus even before its formation. There are documents illustrating that there was a Jewish Friendship Society in the early 1940s. Over time, the Jewish Friendship society evolved into the Jewish Student Union (JSU). JSU was established in 1948 and became the student organization for Jewish Students.

In order to create a stronger Hillel at Binghamton, students and alumni began asking for a fully funded and staffed Hillel at Binghamton University. UJA-Federation of New York and seed funders stepped in to fund a fledgling Hillel in Binghamton in Fall 2001. Hillel at Binghamton has slowly grown to serve the majority of Jewish students at Binghamton University.

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