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Kashrut Policy and Kosher Dining FAQ's

University Dining

Each on-campus dining hall serves freshly packaged sandwiches and salads that can be purchased on any university meal plan. In addition, the C4 Dining Hall (located between the Newing and Dickinson living communities) has a designated kosher kitchen that is home to The Kosher Korner (KK). The Kosher Korner is a full-service station that provides kosher-observant students with Glatt kosher, Orthodox Union (OU) certified meals. Dairy meals are provided for lunch, while meat meals are provided for dinner. The KK is supervised by Rabbi Kellman.

Hillel Events & on Campus Shabbat Dinner

All Hillel events keep strictly kosher. Any food that is present for on-campus Hillel events is either provided by the Kosher Korner (OU Supervision), cooked in our OU-JLIC Directors’ kosher kitchen at home, or purchased pre-packaged from a local grocery store. All pre-packaged food has an acceptable kosher certification as defined by the CRC.

Hillel's Shabbat Dinner is located in the C4 Multipurpose Room every Friday night. Our Shabbat Dinner is catered from the Kosher Korner and under the Orthodox Union for supervision. 

For more information about Hillel's Kashrut, please see our full policy here.

Kosher Food in Binghamton

There are no kosher restaurants in Binghamton, NY. Students wishing to purchase kosher food can find kosher groceries at many of the local grocery stores. Some major chains with kosher options include Wegmans, Weiss, Price Chopper and Walmart. If you are looking to kasher your kitchen, please feel free to reach out to Rabbi Ben Menora for guidance and assistance.

If you would like to sponsor a Shabbat Dinner and support our ability to provide kosher meals, please consider making a donation to Hillel at Binghamton!

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