Meet the Assembly



FYSH (First Year Students of Hillel) Director

Emi Stiefel Alperin is a current sophomore from Saint Paul, Minnesota. She is perusing a major in Graphic Design and a minor in Urban Planning. She is super excited to be the director of First Year Students at Hillel (FYSH) and cannot wait to meet new students! Since coming to Binghamton, Emi has been Shabbat Decorator and a Student Engagement Intern for Hillel. In the summer, Emi is a counselor at Herzl Camp in Webster, Wisconsin. Please feel free to reach out with any questions about Hillel or being a first year student at Binghamton!



Director of Keshet (Hillel's LGBTQ+ Subgroup)

Leora Wasserman is a junior from East Brunswick, New Jersey, majoring in English and Social Work. Since her freshman year, Leora has been an active member of Hillel and Keshet, Hillel's LGBTQ group, as well as OSH and Chabad. This year, she is very excited to continue supporting and invigorating Binghamton's queer Jewish community. When not in class or doing one of the four jobs she holds on campus, Leora enjoys sewing, reading, and hanging out with friends.



Director of Kaskeset

Josh is an MBA student who grew up in Rockland County NY. He is a Business Administration major, concentrating in Leadership and Development. He loves being able to share his passion of music and Judaism with Hillel and the Binghamton community. When he is not singing with his friends and group members, he is probably either playing guitar, or doing community service with his Jewish Fraternity, AEPi.



President of Orthodox Students of Hillel (OSH)

Hannah is from Ridgewood NJ and is a junior double majoring in human development and psychology. Before coming to Binghamton, she spent a year studying in Israel at Machon Maayan. Last year, Hannah served as the engagement chair for Orthodox Students of Hillel. When not at Hillel, Hannah volunteers at Stable Movements, a horse therapy barn in Binghamton as well as being an NCSY advisor and a kitchen manager at Chabad. In her free time, Hannah enjoys watching movies with friends, quoting Gilmore Girls, jamming out to broadway, and cuddling with her dog, Heidi. Hannah is very excited for this school year and what it will bring!



Director of Shabbat Experience

Shayna is a Junior from Westchester County, New York, majoring in PPL and doing an Anthropology minor. She is super excited to be the new Shabbat Queen, as Shabbat dinners were introduction to the Hillel community! Outside of her Shabbat duties, Shayna was one of Hillel's engagement interns and is involved with her sorority Sigma Alpha Epsilon Pi. On campus, you can either find relaxing on the Peace Quad, or find her sitting with her Sigma sisters in a Marketplace booth, iced coffee from Dunkin' in hand (obviously)!



Director of Holidays

Sophia is a Junior studying Environmental Science and Judaic Studies from Voorhees, New Jersey (it's like 20 minutes from Philly). Sophia has previously served on boards for Challah for Hunger (C4H), Committee for Social Justice (C4SJ), Koach, and Shabbat, and she is super duper excited to be Holidays Director this year!! When they are not at Hillel (which is rare) they are at the Food Co-Op where they are the treasurer, eating the cupcakes for Cupcake Wednesday, with their sisters in Sigma Alpha Epsilon Pi, or scoping out the best non-dairy ice cream alternatives the world has to offer!



Co-Director of Koach (Conservative Judaism)

Michael is a first-year student from New Jersey majoring in Math and Business Administration, and he is very excited to be Co-Director of Koach! He is a member of Kaskeset, Binghamton's Jewish a capella group. He also does logistics for the Shabbat Experience Committee. In his free time, Michael likes to play piano, root for the New York Mets, and hang out with friends. He can't wait to have an amazing semester with everyone! 



Co-Director of Koach (Conservative Judaism)

Eytan Spevack is a freshman from Bronx, New York, majoring in psychology. Before coming to Binghamton, Eytan spent a year studying and volunteering in Israel on the the Nativ College Leadership Program. At Binghamton, Eytan has worked on the Koach Board, and now he is excited to be the co-director of Koach! He is looking forward to working with and planning events for the Conservative Jewish community at Binghamton. When not at Hillel, Eytan can be found playing ultimate frisbee, attending events at Chabad, and studying and hanging out with his friends in C4.



President of Challah for Hunger (C4H)

Ava Dreher is a junior from New York City. Ava is majoring in Mathematical Science and minoring in Israeli Studies. Since starting at Binghamton, she has gotten involved in Hillel, serving as C4H's advocacy manager for the past year. Her happy place is Camp Ramah in Nyack (yay for camp). She can be found studying in the undergrounds with her friends, at Kabbalat Shabbat, and Friday night dinners. She is very excited to be the president this year for Challah for Hunger!


AMY HELD (She/Her)

Director of the Committee for Social Justice (C4SJ)

Amy is a sophomore from Long Island majoring in integrative neuroscience and French. In her freshman year, Amy got involved with Hillel through the FYSH program and participating in two semesters of JLF, so she is so excited to be the new chair of Committee for Social Justice (C4SJ)! When she's not planning C4SJ events, you can find Amy playing with rats in her research lab, doing homework in the science library (her favorite study spot), shopping in the bookstore for more Bing merch that she definitely does not need or eating with friends at Chenango Room. She is really looking forward to having a (mostly) normal year!



Director of Senior Programming

My name is Seth and I am a Senior Electrical Engineer. I have three dogs named Gus, Bella and Motek. I love working on different projects, whether it is programming or working on electronics. I love the challenge and trying to think in a way that is different. This is also where my love of riddles comes from as well. I love a great kabbalat shabbat and have had my favorite experiences of kabb shab in the rocky mountains and at ramah nyack



Director of Major Events

Izzy Canning, the Croc queen, Jojo Siwa stan and cupcake Wednesday enthusiast, is so excited to be serving as the new Director of Major Events! She is an Israel sophomore from Poughkeepsie NY. Izzy grew up in the youth movement Young Judaea and was a camper and staff member at both Camp Sprout Lake and Camp Tel Yehudah. Prior to coming to Binghamton, Izzy went on the gap year program Young Judaea Year Course In Israel. She has been involved in Hillel since the beginning of her freshman year and cannot wait to create exceptionally fun events for everyone this year!



Director of Education 

Ilana Winter is a Junior from Silver Spring, Maryland who is majoring in Political Science and Arabic. Ilana has been involved in Hillel since Freshman year through the Shabbat Board and Koach. Before starting Binghamton she spent a year in Israel as a goat shepherd, and she is a proud Nativ 38 alumnus. When she is not submersed in Hillel politics Ilana can be found looking for dogs to pet, reading political philosophy in previously unexplored corners of the library, or camping out in the Hillel lounge.



Director of Bearcats for Israel

Garrett is a sophomore in Binghamton's School of Management studying Business Administration with Concentrations in Management Information Systems and Business Analytics. Starting his involvement first-semester freshmen year through FYSH, Garrett then served on the board of Bearcats for Israel for a year and a half before transitioning into the Director position. Outside of Hillel and Bearcats, Garrett plays on the Men's Club Ultimate Frisbee A-Team and is involved in multiple pre-professional clubs within the School of Management. Be on the lookout for some fun Israel programming coming to a campus near you!



Director of Reform Jews of Hillel (RJH)

Caleb Manheim is a senior from Orange County, New York, and is a biochemistry major. He is the current music director of Kaskeset, and has been working with Reform Jews of Hillel since his freshman year. This year, Caleb is excited for the return of in person services, as well as being an undergraduate assistant in a pharmacy lab. When he is not studying or singing, you can find him connecting with others on campus or hanging with AEPi, his fraternity.