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Accepted Students Shabbaton

In collaboration with Binghamton University’s Admitted Student open house, Hillel at Binghamton, in partnership with Chabad, will be hosting the Binghamton Admitted Students Shabbaton. This Shabbaton gives Jewish students the opportunity to experience Jewish life on campus.


This weekend will include a full array of Shabbat services and programming and will be open to students and parents!


The cost of this weekend is $54 which includes all meals, activities and learning sessions.           


Dorm hospitality with a Binghamton college student arranged for all those already registered by April 5th.                                     


STUDENTS: Registration has closed.

PARENTS: Looking for a place to stay as a family? Check out the Residence Inn. This hotel is within the eruv and offers Shabbat-observant accommodations.

See full schedule below! Any questions about the weekend? Please contact Hillel’s Executive Director, Brian Freedman, at <>.



PLEASE NOTE: This event will be alcohol-free and drug-free.  Participants who violate this policy will forfeit their participation and all program costs.  Parents and the Admissions Department will be informed of any violations or other illegal activity.

Binghamton Accepted Student Shabbaton Sc
Binghamton Accepted Student Shabbaton Sc
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