Jewish Learning Fellowship


Come learn with Hillel about deepening your understanding of what Judaism means for you in your life. There are five cohorts for Fall 2021, and we are excited to introduce 2 Israel courses that are also open to those who have already taken JLF and want to continue to enhance their learning with another deep learning opportunity, these are Kol Yisrael (a 5 week mini series) and Home and Homeland, both dedicated to Israel learning!


Monday's at 5:00 pm  "Kol Yisrael: Israel in its own words" with Jen Stone 

Tuesday's at 5:00 pm "Life's Big Questions" with Mickey Benson and Brian Freedman 

Tuesday's at 6:00 pm "Home and Homeland" with Alex Haskel

Wednesday's at 3:00 pm "Pursuing Justice" with Rabbinic intern Lilli Shvartsmann  (Virtual-Class)

Wednesday's at 4:00 pm "Life's Big Questions" with Ellie and Rabbi Ben Menora 

Our 10 week seminars include a $250 stipend, while our

5 week Kol Yisrael seminar includes a $180 stipend.

If you have any questions, please e-mail Jen at Application due by 11:59pm on Friday September 17th.

Click HERE To Apply!