Hanukkah Packages

Take a look at what's included in our Hanukkah packages for 2018, the perfect gift for the holidays!


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Level 1 - $36: Gelt, Hebrew Binghamton T-Shirt, and Laptop Sticker

Level 2 - $54: Gelt, Hebrew Binghamton T-Shirt, Laptop Sticker, Hebrew Binghamton Joggers, and Cell Phone Wallet

Level 3 - $108: Gelt, Hillel Sweatshirt, Laptop Sticker, Hebrew Binghamton Joggers, Cell Phone Wallet, and Swell Bottle


                 Gelt                                      Cell Phone Wallet                     Laptop Sticker                        Swell Bottle                              Joggers



                  Hillel T-Shirt (Front)                                                        Hillel T-Shirt (Back)                                                        Hillel Sweatshirt

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