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Binghamton Univeristy Department of Judaic Studies

SUMMER LEARNING: Jewish New York: An exploration of Jewish New York with a focus on East European immigrant experience. What was Yiddish-speaking New York? How did Jews from a very different society and culture adjust to modern, urban life in the late 19th and early 20th century metropolis? Our course will travel from tenement to talking pictures, from political clubhouse to the vaudeville stage in search of New Yorks' Jewish immigrant past.

FALL 2017/SPRING 2018: Yiddish Language: Yiddish 101 is an introductory language class: students learn simple conversational Yiddish and how to read and write, beginning with the Yiddish alphabet. By the end of the Fall semester students will have composed their own short stories, gained a repertoire of Yiddish song, put together a compendium of commonly used expressions from this famously expressive language and finally, will have learnt about aspects of Yiddish-speaking Ashkenazi culture, past and present.



Drisha Institute - Summer Learning

June Kollel (co-ed): Drisha’s June Kollel for college students is an intensive experience of Jewish text study, community building and spiritual growth. Our coed learning community is characterized by its rigor, integrity, and pursuit of meaning.

July College Kollel: Drisha is offering special fellowships to female college students interested in studying in the July Beit Midrash. The July College Kollel is fueled by Drisha’s vision of the role Torah study plays in the life of the committed Jew.


Mechon Hadar - Summer and Winter Learning

Summer Beit Midrash: In a summer at Hadar, students gain: skills to independently approach classic texts of Torah, a rigorous approach to fundamental questions of Jewish life, a broad knowledge of Jewish content, and spiritual and personal growth. 

Winter Learning Seminar: An immersive week of Torah study, prayer, shared meals and conversation. You'll take part in an honest, dynamic, and multi-level exploration of Jewish texts with passionate teachers and committed peers.


Jewish Theological Seminary - Summer Learning

Summer Sessions: Join JTS in exploring texts, delving into Jewish thought and learning about contemporary issues while meeting new people and becoming part of the JTS community. 


Pardes - Summer Learning

The Pardes Summer Program offers a two and three week option of dynamic, interactive study of Jewish texts in a vibrant community of students from around the world. Grapple with the great Jewish books and ideas, experience how classic Judaism tackles contemporary challenges and be inspired by our renowned faculty.


OU-JLIC - Summer Learning 

Summer Program: A six week  program in Jerusalem for college students who will be interning in the city. We will provide housing as well as a social, communal and religious base for these students throughout their internship.


Conservative Yeshiva - Summer and Winter Learning

Summer Learning Program: A summer program where students will learn Hebrew in Ulpan, study texts, and volunteer in Jerusalem. 

Winter Break Program - Ta'amu U'r'u : Look into sacred texts, study core aspects of Judaism, and explore Israel. 


Study Jewish Heritage in Poland - Summer Learning

Part of the Security and Society Summer School hosted by Collegium Civitas in Warsawthis is a four-week course that examines the triumphs and tragedies of Poland’s Jews and acquaints you with the burgeoning revival of Jewish culture now taking place in democratic Poland. It will also examine the influence of the Polish Jews on American culture and their contribution in forming the Israeli identity. This course includes extensive travel in Poland.

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