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Leadership Opportunities at Hillel

At Hillel, students are given the opportunity to craft their own events and initiative and to make their own decisions. Student leaders work to provide opportunities to the broadest range of people, including to those students who may not necessarily be familiar with the organization and the wide range of activities it has to offer them.  The student leaders of Hillel pride themselves on providing programs on a religious, social, educational and cultural basis.  There are many different type of leadership positions you can fill - in fact they are literally endless.  Any student can create an event they want to run, an initiative they want to organize or a change they want to make and do it, with the resources and help provided by Hillel.

If you are interested in a Hillel Leadership Position for next year on the Executive Board or Hillel Assembly, it is mandatory for you to attend one of two GIMs being held in the Hillel Lounge UUW-301. If you cannot attend either meeting for whatever reason, please email Yael David at ydavid1@binghamton.edu

The positions that will be voted upon are President, Executive Vice President, Vice President of Public Relations, and Vice President of Finance. To be eligible for the position of President, you must be a member of the current E-board, or a head of one of the committees within Hillel. To be eligible for a Vice President position, you must be on the current E-board or a Hillel Leadership Team or Committee.

If you are interested in running for one of these, please email a formal letter of intent to ydavid1@binghamton.edu by February 28th. Elections for these four (4) positions will be held either on March 14th and 15th in the Hillel Office UUW-208B or at the Hillel Table in the Marketplace or Tillman Lobby.

If you are interested in the Vice President of Programming, Vice President of Pluralism, or Vice President of Engagement positions, letters of intent are due February 28th. To be eligible for one of these positions you must currently either serve on the E-board or the Hillel Assembly.

Lastly, if you have any questions about Hillel Executive Board responsibilities, time commitment, or leadership structure, please feel free to email Yael David at ydavid1@binghamton.edu and she will be more than happy to answer your questions.


 There are two main types of Leadership Opportunities:

Hillel Executive Board:  Eleven Students are elected by the Hillel community to serve on the executive board.  The Board meets weekly and is the main representative body of Hillel.  The Executive Board develops a unified vision for Hillel's overall programming and is the main connection between the Student Association and the Hillel Community.  For more information on elections, click here.

Hillel's Leadership Teams and Chairs: Students are selected for various teams and positions that range through every Hillel sub-group and Programming Area. Applications for Leadership Teams will become available shortly after Spring Break. 


The Positions on the Hillel Executive Board are:

The President oversees the overall functioning of Hillel. S/he is responsible for running Hillel Executive Board meetings, and for ensuring communication within Hillel. S/he is also the "face of Hillel" to the greater community, and maintains the positive image of Hillel across campus.

The Executive Vice President oversees all aspects of Shabbat dinner, and ensures that all Hillel Student Association-related obligations are fulfilled.

The Vice President of Finance creates and maintains Hillel's annual budget. S/he oversees the spending of Hillel. S/he is responsible for becoming certified by the Student Association.

The Vice President of Public Relations writes and distributes the Hillel weekly email, oversees publicity and works with campus media. S/he also records the meetings of the Executive Board.

The Vice President of Pluralism  is responsible for planning Shabbat-related services and programming. S/he is also responsible for the planning of all other Pluralistic programs, related to holidays or other Jewish areas. S/he oversees educational programs, including seminars and special events.

The Vice President of Programming is responsible for creating social programming targeted towards a wide variety of Hillel's membership. S/he supervises and supports the weekly programming within Hillel. 

The Vice President of Engagement is in charge of Hillel's outreach to other student organizations and University departments, in terms of cosponsorships and communication. S/he also oversees the Outreach Coordinators. 


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